Agribusiness & Nursery

We’ve provided legal services to generations of owners and operators of farms, nurseries, and other agricultural businesses.


Business Law

Our firm’s long history makes us uniquely suited to work with business clients. Not only has our own business maneuvered the business climate for over a century, our firm has proudly helped thousands of businesses of all types and sizes succeed in their business endeavors.


Charitable Gift Planning

We enjoy working with clients to achieve their charitable goals and to leave a lasting legacy. We consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with people who are passionate about improving lives both at home and around the world.


Employment Law

We recognize that employees are often the most important resource of a business. In fact, employees can be the difference between a business that is productive and profitable and one that is not.


Estate Planning

We believe estate planning should reflect each client’s deeply-held values and passions, not only the transfer of property after death.


Family Business

Just as family businesses blend business and family, the family business practice group is a blend of legal specialties in business, tax, real estate, and estate planning.


Litigation & Settlement

Despite the best planning and practices, clients sometimes find themselves involved in legal disputes. We are there to help on those occasions.


Probate & Trust Administration

We understand that death is a difficult time for family and friends. We are sensitive to each client’s need for and manner of grieving.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

We provide integral services to family law lawyers and their clients to help guide them through the process of dividing retirement benefits upon divorce.

Real Estate & Land Use

Real estate forms an integral part of many people’s dreams and aspirations. At the same time, the sale, leasing, and development of real estate have become complicated and highly regulated activities.

Retirement Plans & Employee Benefits

Retirement plans and employee benefits are an important part of most businesses. Together, they help to attract and retain talented workers, provide unequaled tax benefits, and secure the financial future of both owners and employees.

Tax Law

Our firm has been practicing law since before the passage of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution in 1913 – the nation’s first permanent income tax law.