Agribusiness, Nursery, and Food Processing

From grass seed to grapes, hazelnuts to Christmas trees, Marion County has the highest value of agricultural production of any county in Oregon.


The construction industry has long been a mainstay of Oregon’s economy.

Family Business

The challenges that face family businesses are complicated.

Manufacturing and Wholesale

We provide business, tax, employment, and related services to a wide range of manufacturing and wholesale clients.

Medical and Dental

We understand that medical and dental professionals are busy, highly specialized individuals.

Professional Fiduciary 

We regularly assist individual fiduciaries such as trustees, conservators, and personal representatives with the proper administration of their duties.

Professional Services and Consulting

We provide business, tax, and related services to various segments of the financial services industry.

Real Estate and Development

In addition to numerous builders and contractors and others involved in the construction business, we represent many others engaged in various aspects of real estate.


We represent many retail businesses from single location stores to multiple storefront businesses that operate in Oregon and other states.

Surprise Us

We’re fascinated by the ideas of our entrepreneurial clients.  Share your ideas with us. We’ll help make them happen.