Heltzel Williams PC

Pioneer Trust Building
117 Commercial Street NE
Fourth Floor
Salem, Oregon 97301

T: 503.585.4422
F: 503.370.4302
E: reception@heltzel.com

PO Box 1048
Salem, Oregon 97308-1048

Visitors to our office may find unlimited free on-street parking available throughout downtown Salem. Two free parking garages are also located within two blocks of our office:

  • The Chemeketa Parkade has an entrance on Commercial Street two blocks north of the building.
  • The Liberty Square Parking structure is located to the southeast of the building with an entrance on Ferry Street.


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Thank you for contacting us. If you are contacting us for the first time, please do not provide us with any confidential or secret information. We must first determine if we represent any other parties regarding your matter. Therefore, please provide us with your name and the names of any other persons or companies involved in your matter and a general description such as “purchasing XYZ business.”  We will then contact you once we have checked our records.

While we welcome your comments, please do not email us any information that is confidential or sensitive, or that concerns any new or pending matter, without discussing it first with one of our lawyers. Email can be unreliable at times, so please call us if we fail to respond to any email.

Sending email to attorneys does not mean that we will represent you.